Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charity Alysse Tillis!

I thought I would document that Charity was born on August 13, 2011.  7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches.  She is 7 1/2 months now and as cute as can be. 

Motherhood is rewarding, fun and tiring.  I love my daughter and she loves me and daddy!  Rashid is a WONDERFUL father.  Not that I would doubt him to be but he far exceeds my expectations!

Happy and loving times ahead!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pregnant DIVA

I know my last entry has been forever ago.  It looks like I may have failed on my initial intent to have this blog be an informative site for anyone who wanted to know how the pregnancy was progressing.  I also intended for this to be a journal that I could look back over to relive certain experiences.  Well, not much to look back on is there?  BUT (there is always a but) here is my chance for blogger redepemtion. 

I am still pregnant.  Praise God!  The pregnancy has been relatively easy.  No major issues to speak of and it seems Baby Tillis is growing fine.  My appetite has waned a bit and I can go at without food and not feel like a stone cold lunatic.  And oh yeah!  Its a girl!!!!!  The pink background that I defaulted to was actually correctly predictive.  We are expecting a little miss Charity Alyce Tillis (the jury is still out on the exact spelling of the middle name).  We are still on track to have her on, before or a little after August 12th.  It seems like it so far yet so close.

As for my future blogging attempts, I am going to try and keep this going.  Shame on me for not being active in my efforts.  I have missed out on a lot of good blogging opportunities.  I will probably have to do a few updates.  Also, a young lady by the name of Mrs. Lannesha Moshay has business called PregnantDIVAS.  She markets merchandise for PregnantDIVAS and their babies.  Mostly apparel.  I have been choosen by PregnantDIVAS as the featured pregnant young lady for this trimester.  I will be posting weekly entries on the PregnantDIVA facebook page.  Feel free to "like" the group and stay abreast of some of the details for the rest of my pregnancy and just to check out what Lannesha and Pregnant DIVAS are up to.  You can also visit the PregnantDIVA website at

Hopefully you will hear from me soon.

Sending our love,

LaTika, Rashid and Charity Tillis

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First OB/GYN Appointment

I am coming out of my 9th week approaching my 10th week of pregnancy.  I have been feeling pretty steady and realized that my stomach woes have a lot to do with making sure I am eating often enough.  I feel pretty good on the days that I can get a grasp on my eating but I still hate thinking about eating all of the time.  Not just because I am hungry but because I know what is to come if I don't get food in me at a reasonable time past my hunger.  I don't seem to have any cravings yet (although Chick Fil A and Sonic see me at least 1 or 2 times a week).  I have only had one serious episode with sickness since the kickboxing incident but things aren't so bad right now.

On to the topic at hand.  This past Friday was my first appointment with my OB/GYN.  There wasn't really anything special or surreal about the experience.  It was kind of an in and out type of thing.  They asked all these medical questions about me and Rashid (thank God for the good health He sustains us with) and we go on to do an ultrasound.  I didn't expect this during the first appointment but I was happy that we got to do it.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I know this is silly, but part of me didn't expect to see anything.  As if maybe this was all a fluke but low and behold there was a lil runt moving in my uterus.  YES!  It was moving and the little heart was beating and everything.  It's ALIVE ITS ALIVE!!!  It was pretty cool I tell you.  It didn't really do much to make me feel like a mother yet but it made me excited to be able to watch the growth of the baby over time.  The wonders of conception and maternity and growth.  I guess the nerd part of me wants to read up on all of the ins and outs.  What's happening to the baby, what's growing in there and how.  Its just all so fascinating.  I can worry about the mother part once the baby gets here (as each day passes I am getting more and more excited about that too) but for now I am just kind of hung up on how AWESOME this whole process is.  I am actually growing a whole nother (horrible English) person inside of me.  The wonders of God I tell you!  He did all of doing all of this and I am completely in awe!  Like for real, God, are you serious?!!  This is too cool!!!!  LOL.

Anywho....I know you want to see the ultrasound so....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

TA DA!!! There he/she is!  All in tact...big head and  Not to mention, that's a pretty good looking uterus....LOL!!!!

Until next time....SIGNING OFF!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Don't Feel so Well....

I am about 7 weeks into this pregnancy thing and up until this point I have been fine, with the exception of a bit of extra bloating.  I was feeling a but confident in my body's ability to handle this first trimester without the dreaded MORNING SICKNESS.  I did a family survey to find that my sister, mother and grandmother all faired well in their pregnancies by not having to deal with much of the sicky icky part.  I was hoping there was some genetic code passed on from them to me and for a while I thought maybe there was.

Earlier this week I attended an intro to kickboxing session.  I did about 20 minutes or so of kicking and punching.  I got a bit winded and felt pretty good during but afterward was a totally different story.  Well, tom ake a long story short, my body DID NOT respond well and I found myself laughing at the toilet in their ladies locker room.  The next morning I awoke feeling a bit, well, sick....YUCK!  From that point I have had waves of nauseum.  As I sit and type I find myself queasy.  This is actually the worst I have felt yet.  Every step meets me with motion sickness.  I am hungry and know I need to eat but I can only manage a few bites.  This part is for the birds I tell ya!

Like so many mothers have told me, its all worth.  I am almost certain that it will be but I just want to get through this stage....


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, its official!  I am, as confirmed by Dr. Lincoln, PREGNANT.  As if two positive tests weren't enough.  Its something when it comes from the doctor though.  According to my doc I am approximately 5 weeks 4 days along as of Tuesday, December 14th with a projected due date of August 12th, 2011. 

I told Rashid that this is officially official and the excitement that I expected the first time I told him I got today.  Like I said, its just something when it comes from the doctor.  I know many of you are wondering if you can name the baby and what not BUT we actually already have names.  If its a boy, his name will be Joseph Emmanuel Tillis.  A girl, Charity Tillis.  Joseph's initals so gracefully come out to he is destined for some sort of atheletic Charity in Scripture means love....awww!  I have no preference as to what the sex of the baby is so long as its not in multiples and that he/she is healthy.  Rashid wants a boy first (of course).  Either way, Baby Tillis will be loved loved loved.  And NO, we will not be naming him/her after you...although we love!

Its still a bit surreal for me.  Still can't quite believe it.  I admit a bit nervioso.  Don't feel pregnant or look pregnant but I've never been pregnant so I don't know what a pregnant woman is supposed to look and feel like.  I am sure I will know all too well in the next few months.

Keeping you posted,

The Expectant One.... :-)

Monday, December 13, 2010

When I Found Out....

Hey Hey Hey....its LaTika reporting here.  Of course, when a woman finds out for the first time that she is pregnant there is the inital shock, followed excitement and then more shock.  Well, at least that was my case.  So here's how it happened.

I was visiting a church that I used to attend here in Houston, TX on a Wednesday night and ran into a friend of ours.  We chatted a bit and commented on how good it was to see one another after sometime.  Then out of no where, he stops and says "You pregnant!"  Just like that!    At first I was like, "Heard that before, " but he was adamant about it.  He has three children and one on the way so he is sure he knows what a pregnant woman looks  I think to myself, how does a pregnant woman look?  All I can think of is FAT!!!!!  Big know what I'm talking about.  I go on with my day, the rest of my week, giving no thought to it.

The next week approaches and I dtill don't give much thought to actually being pregnant.  I had it on my mind to prepare for a pageant that I wanted to participate in May 2011.  Before I began to fully prepare for the pageant, I wanted to be sure that I was not pregnant (because the possibility was never out ruled).  I had a pregnancy test in my cabinet from earlier this year.  Let me tell you, there was a point that I was so anxious (too anxious) about getting pregnant that I used or misued a box of pregnancy tests a month.  For those of you that do not know (men) they come two to a box.  So anywho, I believe it was Thursday, November 9th, 2010 when I pulled out this test, out of sheer curiousty, and took it.   I was so skeptical about being pregnant that I put it straight back in the box without viewing the results and placed back in the cabinet.  I actually felt a bit foolish becuase I had done this so many times before so I was really hiding the contents from Rashid so he wouldn't think I was  I went on with my evening completely forgetting about the test until the next day.  When I got home from work that Friday I remembered that it was in my cabinet.  I wanted to go ahead and discard of its contents.  After all, there was no use in harboring a negative pregnancy test filled with urine any longer.  So as I get the box and began to remove its contents....BAM!!!!  TWO LINES....TWO LINES!!!!  Do you hear me!  That meant I was pregnant!  I hit the floor.  I was wavering between excitement and a bit of delirium.  I did not know if I should scream or cry.  I think I did a bit of both.

I called a girl friend of mine, who happened to have a spare test.  I went over to her placed and took that test also.  Low and behold....TWO LINES!!!!  AGAIN!  I just couldn't get away from this  I think that pretty much confirmed it.  That was Friday, November 10th.  It is still all a bit surreal to me.  I don't think I will really start to believe it until I begin to see that bump.  Many say that the first trimester (3 months) are pivotal because miscarriages are more common that one would think.  However, I believe that the Lord will protect the seed and bring our beautiful baby to full term.

I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, December 14th.   I will let you know how that goes.  I may not find out how far along and a due date at this appointment because it is only my family prac. doctor.  I am hoping she can refer to me to a good OB/GYN. 

Until next time,


Waiting on Baby Tillis

If you are here, it is because you are interested in the development and arrival of Baby Tillis!  First, we would like to introduce ourselves.  The happy, expectant and a bit nervous mother is LaTika Tillis.  The soon to be proud papa is Rashid Tillis!

We are so glad that you are interested in sharing this journey with us as we grow together as a family.  We are blessed to have one another and you!  We will try and document as much of this process as time would allow.....this should be a "bumpy" (as in baby it?) ride.

We love you all!

God Bless.